Fuck ____, Tattoos?!

So, I don’t have that many (read: practically zero) blogs I check up on everyday. Fuck Yeah, Tattoos! is one of them. I have mixed feelings about this blog. I love the idea of it (especially considering I’ve been wanted another tattoo for a while now), but actually flipping through the e-pages makes me realize how impossibly trendy they are. Gather 10 young Portlanders in a room, and I’d be surprised as all get-out if there weren’t at least 15 tattoos in that same room. My generation is the perhaps the first American generation to popularize tattoos and I have no problem with that; it shows a certain collective revolutionary and peculiarly American spirit to take a previously “dirty” idea like the sailor tattoo and adopt it as a symbol of an entire generation. It is powerful to me (and many others) regardless of what form that idea takes. But come the fuck on people. How many Deer and Octopus tattoos does one have to see before realizing that one day, those tattoos (no matter how beautiful they are) will look the same on one person as a tribal sleeve does on someone else?!

On that note, I need to remind myself that no matter how badly I want to feel that sting, I need to wait to get another tat until I come up with something that means enough to me to live with it my entire life. I got lucky the first time. No Owl chest pieces for me.


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