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I made banana fritters and they didn’t burn. OMFG.

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These are way better than banana bread if you have mushy bananas that you don’t want to throw out because a) you feel guilty that you didn’t eat them while they were the good kind of ripe, b) you feel guilty that you are contributing to the growing problem of food waste and realize that it negatively affects the environment and finally c) banana deserts for lunch are the good kind of bad and, let’s be honest, you don’t want to waste a golden opportunity like that. Next time perhaps I’ll add cinnamon / cloves / ginger. Click on the picture of the deliciously ambiguous fried banana stuff for the recipe.

Or PEANUT BUTTER! Or PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY! (On a side note: Hell yeah, early aughts. That’s what freshman year in college sounded like to me. That and Nelly. Right? Nelly?)

Also: I lied, I burnt them a little. They’re still good! The fire alarm only went off once…


Geek Punks spell it with an X

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I’ve totally been to this party.


Putting things in perspective

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