Another post where I swoon over a Fuck Yeah blog

Angelica Houston is fucking gorgeous. I’m swooning over a lady now! I swear I just can’t help myself, no human is safe from Caitlyn or Frankie.

via Fuck Yeah, Sexy Atheists!

On a side note: Frankie an alter ego, my man-daemon. Frankie has been around for a few years but, until a few days ago, has remained nameless. At this point, I’ll describe him as a sexually-agressive guido frat boy who can’t do his own laundry and get’s roid-ragey when he doesn’t get his way. After I get to know him better, I’ll post an updated description of his personality. Hopefully, he turns out to be more intelligent than I’m describing him to be. I find it funny and strangely appropriate that my man-daemon is nothing like my type.


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