My found Toms have tire tread marks on them now.

So, today was the first time a car has run over my foot. I’m fine and it was a surprisingly low-key affair but a car ran over my foot at the market. Have I mentioned how chaotic and crowded they are? In addition to the complete lack of traffic rules, the market is serious business for a dumbass.

It was mostly the toes and flat part luckily, and hurt, kind of, but was sore and seemed to buzz a little bit, which I found odd. I was didn’t really do or say anything but inspect my foot for damage and say probably just “um” and “okay”. I was pleased to walk around in a cloud for a while after that. Everyone is so considerate.

Lesson learned: when there’s no sidewalk, it’s all street (and Ghanaians have much different concepts of personal space than I do).


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