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Ghana and the sauce

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The sauce being the keyword there. Because I imagine a severe dearth of it. (Side note: whiskey is delicious and I’m very sorry I didn’t open up to it earlier. Either that or eternally grateful. You know, given how poorly I respond to tequila. Sorry, Geoff). Also: a severe dearth of the innerwebs. Upon my return in November or December or sometime decidedly earlier than next May (Sorry, Danielle), I might have 20 posts at once.  Until then…

There is a human, who I’ll call “Parenthesis Brit”. I didn’t realize until a few days ago that he might be the king of backhanded compliments. Desperately, I hope I’m overreacting. (I’m known to do this). BUT. If I’m not overreacting than either A) I was wrong, B) We were both wrong, C) He’s wrong, or D) One of the above combined with my severe self-doubt regardless of who is actually wrong, if anyone at all. At least part of D) is true.

(Also, I was being serious about Ghana).

(On a super side note, Adam Yauch will be missed. Rest in peace, MCA)


A partially found digital haiku for the ages. The ages.

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Oooh, crystal geyser!

Also Clint Eastwood is there.

Talk death and so on.

Portrait of an Intangibility, No. 1: Soren

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I had a bit of trouble naming this one. His name is Soren, but trying to describe his mood without using too many words was the issue. (And I’m warning you now: I totes failed). He’s just arrived at the acceptance stage after going through a complicated and esoterically abusive emotional tragedy. You know that feeling when you’re physically and emotionally exhausted and all you want to do is go *insert personally appropriate comforting action here* but you can’t because you are in the middle of something, so you stay and finish it, but when you look at people you can’t seem to focus on their eyes? Yup, that. For now, the subtitle is “the Multifarious Sepulchre” and hopefully this will be the first in a series I’m calling “Portrait of an Intangibility”.

On a side note: this is a bit unintentionally appropriate today, as Etta James has died. The world is a less beautiful place without you.

Koko Taylor sings my Anti-Resolution

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Get it, girl. Let the good times roll.

You may have missed the Decentralized Dance Party, Portland! Suckers.

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(I should say Aesthetic Night)

I apologize, as this post has no higher meaning. Last night was one of the best nights I’ve had in Portland to date. This type of shit is making it obvious that I am, in fact, moving from Portland just to move back in a few months. Sorry loved ones on the east coast, but it seems like unless I build it, it won’t come. (On second thought, maybe this post does have higher meaning). Coming up on the Decentralized Dance Party tour: LA – New Year’s Eve (LUCKYYYYY), Phoenix – January 4th, Austin – January 7th. Phoenix will be a bit shinier after DDP arrives.

Note to self: take risks, especially if the right people think it’s a terrible idea.

Note to Self

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I gave the obligatory 30-day notice to my landlord today. I have no real relationship with her. All I know is that she seems like the best kind of landlord: an appropriately uninvolved one. She wrote the following reply, intended as simply polite, but which I took as spontaneously motivational: “sorry to see you go.  hopefully you are headed off to some new adventure.”

Visual manifestations of my mood:

[click on photo for links]

Which is to say “Curious, Motivated and Uncharacteristically Hopeful”

Note: do illogical things regularly and without irony.


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This is the blog of a friend, knitter and occasional girly stuff enthusiast. I realized just recently that I enjoy her posts and will link a few. Here. Now!

These are visual manifestations of my day so far.

Darkly Tangible:


Dubiously Pleasant: