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Even frozen, thawed, frozen again, and then steamed it was exciting. Texture not so much, but let me say that I’ve never found the color of broccoli as vivid and congenial as I do today. Broccoli is boisterously exciting, did you know? I fucking love broccoli, for realsies.

In no particular order, here is a list of food items that may or may not cause a violently disgusting, projectile bodily reaction in me upon seeing them on any continent other than Africa:

РOmelettes (and other predominantly egg-based foods with the possible exception of Quich̩)

– White Bread

– Laughing Cow Cheese (I’m sorry: “Cheese”)

– Eggplant, any size or color

– Yams

– Cookies, Crackers, Biscuits (really anything sweet and starchy that comes in a shiny package)


[On a side note, does Scurvy cause teeth to fall out? Because I’m not crazy interested in that.]