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Ghana and the sauce

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The sauce being the keyword there. Because I imagine a severe dearth of it. (Side note: whiskey is delicious and I’m very sorry I didn’t open up to it earlier. Either that or eternally grateful. You know, given how poorly I respond to tequila. Sorry, Geoff). Also: a severe dearth of the innerwebs. Upon my return in November or December or sometime decidedly earlier than next May (Sorry, Danielle), I might have 20 posts at once.  Until then…

There is a human, who I’ll call “Parenthesis Brit”. I didn’t realize until a few days ago that he might be the king of backhanded compliments. Desperately, I hope I’m overreacting. (I’m known to do this). BUT. If I’m not overreacting than either A) I was wrong, B) We were both wrong, C) He’s wrong, or D) One of the above combined with my severe self-doubt regardless of who is actually wrong, if anyone at all. At least part of D) is true.

(Also, I was being serious about Ghana).

(On a super side note, Adam Yauch will be missed. Rest in peace, MCA)


A Triptych of Dead Writers with a Triptych of Epic Love Letters

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I said I was going to draw a portrait of Kafka and pair it with a love letter, but decided that it would be so much better / creepier if I just went ahead and drew three. It’s an adorable matching set of great, dead writers! Huxley is creepy, Hemingway is stoic, and Kafka is mad sexy. (I took some liberties.) And, yes, I spilled coffee on Hemingway. Lets us just pretend that it’s rum. It’s fitting that way and it seems like something Hemingway would do, so it stays.

A love letter to Aldous Huxley:

I am continually fascinated by the manner in which you respond to the word ‘pneumatic’. I’m pretty sure I just called you a commodity, but since you don’t seem to mind, Imma keep on keepin’ on. Bring on the kink and don’t be stingy with the hallucinogens.


A love letter to Ernest Hemingway:

Great sex.


A love letter to Franz Kafka:

Eat something. Still nervosa vibrates from your fragile eyes and your words give away effortless pain. It would be a fittingly tragic conundrum to choose between your gift and your sanity. If I could choose for you, I wouldn’t. Either that or I would choose your gift, playfully flick the winged beasts that live on the sides of your head and say, “I know you’re sick, but seriously don’t burn anything.”

The Doctor. Doctor Who?

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Yeah, yeah, I know I’m such a damned stereotypical, hip, white, over-educated, geek-at-heart, liberal girl-with-a-crush-on-Doctor-Who. Might as well own it. It’s a bit upsetting that he’s holding a plastic bottle, though. Fuck Yeah Time Lords!

via fuckyeah! skinny guys.

(On a side note, I either need to stop giving away information about my weaknesses or just go ahead and dedicate the blog to them.)

A sincere apology to all my [one] readers

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That’s probably a stretch. BUT! Since I imagine my darling younger sister is my only occasional reader, with whom I share a certain set of amusing and unfortunate personality traits like sarcasm, anger, and an inner man-daemon, I dedicate this post to you, ma’am. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I’ve not seen this blog before today. I hope this mysterious Megan updates often, ’cause I totes love you girl. And I wouldn’t have found it if not for Gawker, so big ups to random thread posts started by a human whom I imagine being a bit like me. Represent.

btdubs: clever quips and pie charts found on Bangable Dudes in History.

Putting things in perspective

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Steven Colbert. Swoon. No additional comments.

Fuck yeah, Waffle pants!

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Ted Sabarese makes clothes for models. Clothes made of their favorite foods! Evil! Amazing! I approve as long as I don’t have to wear a dress made of angel food cake.