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Just sayin’ is all.

Wendy MacNaughton.


Pen Blows. *insert childish giggle here*

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They are beautiful regardless and are the work of Shane McAdams

I gots bicycles on the brain.

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Aesthetically this isn’t really my style, but I love the message and propaganda aspect is thought-provoking. Plus: bikes! Check out the link attached to the image and read the article to get the back story. The illustrator is Nick Dewar.

I think I may like this poster because I enjoy romanticizing old-school American politics and thinking about a time when people didn’t consider political fodder to be things like abortion, technology and apathy hadn’t yet ruined our active lifestyles and gastrointestinal tracts (read: fatties working at desks all day. THIS IS YOUR FUTURE AMERICA), men wore pants that fit correctly and no one used the phrase “Fuckin’ A”. But then again: Gender inequality! Segregation! SYPHILIS! I suppose douchebaggery is one of the many great traditions of human culture that simply evolves it’s look every few decades. Like Madonna!

A cyclist, complements of a photographer residing in the great state of California’s Canada.

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I love bikes, beards and uncomfortably blurry photographs.

via Fuck Yeah, Bikes and Beards

Louis C.K. is ridiculously funny.

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That is all.

Fancy footwork

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from Eiknarf, from somewhere else.

My professional page

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So, here’s a link for you and you.

My freelance interests have a home.

Design and Illustration