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It’s officially fall now in PDX, which means one thing.

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RAIN! Can I just say that, personally, I find walking in the rain a bit more uncomfortable than biking in the rain. That’s the Portland-Bike-Rights-Bitch coming out in me. In homage to the rain, and the fall, and having the opportunity to walk in the rain in the fall: Christina Conway‘s design for adorable socks didn’t win the contest. I didn’t look at the others, but I call for a damn recount. I would rock the hell out of these.


Fuck yeah, Waffle pants!

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Ted Sabarese makes clothes for models. Clothes made of their favorite foods! Evil! Amazing! I approve as long as I don’t have to wear a dress made of angel food cake.

I gots bicycles on the brain.

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Aesthetically this isn’t really my style, but I love the message and propaganda aspect is thought-provoking. Plus: bikes! Check out the link attached to the image and read the article to get the back story. The illustrator is Nick Dewar.

I think I may like this poster because I enjoy romanticizing old-school American politics and thinking about a time when people didn’t consider political fodder to be things like abortion, technology and apathy hadn’t yet ruined our active lifestyles and gastrointestinal tracts (read: fatties working at desks all day. THIS IS YOUR FUTURE AMERICA), men wore pants that fit correctly and no one used the phrase “Fuckin’ A”. But then again: Gender inequality! Segregation! SYPHILIS! I suppose douchebaggery is one of the many great traditions of human culture that simply evolves it’s look every few decades. Like Madonna!

My professional page

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So, here’s a link for you and you.

My freelance interests have a home.

Design and Illustration

Photo Embriodery

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These are amazing, from Maurizio Anzeri.

This post is dedicated to Nicole and Dave

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I feel that the moniker of Santa Monica is a bit misplaced though… if it weren’t so clean it would be pretty damn Portland… (HA!)

What a good idea.

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Project: Make up a horror film about something peculiarly un-horrifying. Honey Bear, Sweet Honey Bear is the title of this one. Creepy and funny. (Perhaps a hipster version of the Leprechaun series!)

from the Make Something Cool Everyday project found on Behance